Haven Counselling and Coaching


“Should I say something or not?”

“How should I say it?”

“If I speak up for myself, they won’t like me anymore.”

“Once I get started I’ll get all emotional or angry.”

“I’ll just keep things as they are and keep everyone happy.”

“I’ll just say nothing but give them the silent treatment.”

Many people struggle knowing how to express  their needs and  manage others’ expectations. This can be especially difficult in the workplace or even in a close family relationship. It may be this happens with a partner, parent, child, co-worker or manager; somehow we find it hard to remain true to ourselves without being walked over or becoming aggressive.

Lack of assertiveness can leave us feeling resentful, angry, powerless and disrespected. It can mean we end up misunderstood, overworked, under-paid, stressed and frustrated.

Assertiveness training is a powerful and life-changing process that teaches you practical skills, and new approaches to manage these issues.  I can work with you to help you identify where you might make changes and help you learn and practice new skills.

If you would like to get more assertive or find out more, email now. I’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve got any questions at all, or you’re wondering if I can work with you on another issue, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can  send me an enquiry by emailing me at havencounsellor@protonmail.com