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Mind-Gym: Men’s Issues

Would you like to make positive changes in your life? Would you like to learn new skills and strategies for getting to grips with the challenges you face? Could you benefit from teaming up with me to work on making the changes you want or to confront the problem you want to solve?
Many men don’t like the idea of therapy. Many don’t want to go and ‘talk about their feelings’. We don’t want to admit we could do with some help. That’s why ‘Mind-Gym’ might be helpful for you or someone you know. In ‘Mind-Gym’ we focus mainly on solutions and strategies to the problems you bring and go into feelings if or when you are ready. You are always in the driving seat.
My way of working draws on skills from both coaching and counselling. The pattern will usually be that we explore the problem you’re facing but then shift towards a solutions-focus.
I believe people almost always do their best with what life has dealt them but sometimes we get stuck or can’t function as well as we normally do for whatever reason. Teaming up with a professional who can work with you confidentially may be just the thing to move you forwards.

What Kind of Issues?

It could be anything from:-

• Career and workplace challenges

• Low-mood and depression

• Confidence with others

• Life-transitions (retirement, fatherhood, marriage, divorce, midlife dissatisfaction etc.)

• Relationships and sex

• Relationships and destructive jealousy

• Divorce / Break-ups

• Gender and sexuality

• Stress

• Anxiety

If you’ve got any questions at all, or you’re wondering if I can work with you on another issue, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can call on 01329 661926 and leave a message if you’re happy for me to call you back or send me an enquiry by clicking on ‘Enquiry’. Alternatively, you could book an initial session via the website.