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Midlife & Aging

The downside to midlife is that it’s often accompanied by a strange sense of disappointment. Looking back, we realise life hasn’t delivered on all the things we’d hoped for; looking forwards, it’s easy to imagine the worst for our older age. Research on midlife has uncovered what’s called the U-shaped dip which shows how our satisfaction with life often dips in the middle years. This is true for all sorts of people—whether they have children ’flying the nest’ or not; whether they are with a partner or not.

The upside to midlife is that it is often a time which calls us forward to grow more fully into the person we are deep down. When we’re young our focus is all about fitting in, finding our role in society and so on. As we age, we inevitably review our hopes, dreams and values. Counselling can help you sort through all of these hopes, disappointments and desires so that you can move forwards more freely.

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