Haven Counselling and Coaching

Coaching for Change

Often people don’t feel that something’s gone wrong in their life, they just feel they need more to go right! They want to get clearer on what their future should look like and want some help moving things forwards.

Coaching is about helping you clarify your goals and bring about the changes that you want. The goals may be connected to your work, your personal life and relationships or even aspects of your personality. By helping you become clear about your values we can work together to re-orient your life (or key parts of it) around what really matters to you.

Coaching is not primarily about dealing with emotional pain or the past but very often our past experiences either support or hinder our progress. While coaching is more future-focused and goal-oriented than counselling, I am deeply aware that change in one area of life often touches quite profoundly on others. Our feelings about work, power, freedom, money, successes and failures don’t emerge out of the blue—we have all been shaped by the past.

My way of working tries to strike a balance between understanding what got you where you are and how you might get you where you want to be.

I can tailor sessions to suit your needs and personality and we can talk about that during an initial session or through sending me a message. If you want to read around the subject, my coaching work draws on the models of Psychodynamic Coaching, Narrative Coaching and Positive Psychology Coaching.

If you’ve got any questions at all, or you’re wondering if I can work with you on another issue, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can  send me an enquiry by emailing me at havencounsellor@protonmail.com